Would I Lie to You?

How to play

In a round of Would I Lie To You, the person whose turn it is reads a statement to the other players. The other players then take some time to ask the person questions about the statement until they feel they can guess whether the statement is a truth or a lie about the person. Everyone makes their guess, then the person whose turn it is reveals whether it was a truth or a lie. Everyone who guessed correctly gets a point, and the person whose turn it is gets a point for each person who guessed incorrectly. Players take turns until everyone has gone.

This app helps with picking a statement to present when it's your turn. Before playing, partner up with another player. Come up with at least one truth about yourself and at least one lie about your partner. When playing, don't participate when it's your partner's turn, since you'll already know whether you partner is telling a truth or lie. Type the lie(s) for your partner into the "Lies to send" box and click "Encode", then send the generated lie code to your partner. Type the truth(s) about yourself into the "Truth(s) about yourself" box. When you receive a lie code from your partner, paste it into the "Lie code you received" box. When it's your turn, click the "Would I Lie to You?" button and the app will randomly pick a truth or lie for you to present to the other players. The app removes this truth/lie from the corresponding input, so if you play another turn, there isn't a chance of getting a truth/lie you've already gotten.